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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. The main difference between an ISA and any other savings account is that it offers tax-free interest payments, so you could get more for your money. There is a limit to how much money you can put into an ISA in each tax year, which is called the ‘ISA allowance’.

    To be eligible to subscribe to an ISA an investor must be an individual, aged 16 or over (if subscribing to a cash ISA), or 18 or over (if subscribing to a stocks and shares, innovative finance ISA, or a Lifetime ISA).

  • Great. Once you’ve found the account that’s right for you, open an account online by clicking the the ‘Open an account’ button.

    You need to be aged 18 or over and a resident in the United Kingdom to open a savings account with us.

    You can also open a joint account with another person.

    Apply online using the ‘Open an account’ button.

    Existing customers can apply for extra accounts in just a few clicks when logged into our online savings portal.

  • Click the login button on our website. You’ll need your user ID, password and your memorable word.

    If you opened your account online you can operate your account online or telephone. If you opened your account by post you can operate it by post and by telephone.

  • If you cannot remember your password you can choose a new one by clicking the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the online login page. You will need to know your User ID, account number and memorable word.

    Alternatively, give us a call 020 7862 6222 during our working hours.

    Call us on 020 7862 6222 during business hours.

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