3 Year ISA Bond (Issue 7)
  • AER
  • Gross
  • Min Investment
  • Max Investment
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  • Term
    3 Years
  • Interest Paid
  • How to Apply
    Online Only
  • Withdrawals
    Not permitted before maturity

What would the estimated balance be at the end of term?

  • £20,000 invested in this account would earn you £2,692.53 interest by the end of the term (Indicative figure assuming annually compounded interest). These are indicative figures assuming annually compounded interest. you cannot withdraw money from your bond before the end of the term.


You can only have one HTB ISA:  If you already hold an ISA with us in the current tax year, please do not apply for another as we are not able to open a second ISA for you.

Current year tax subscriptions: If you have not used your current tax year ISA allowance, you are able to pay money into your new HTB ISA up to £20,000.  You have 14 days to do this.

Transfer another ISA: you can transfer ISAs from other providers to your HTB ISA.  We typically allow 30 days for the transfer to complete, but if it is delayed by your other provider we will hold your ISA open until it arrives.

Online transfers: you can transfer as many ISAs as you like to your HTB ISA.  When you are completing the online application please be sure to complete all transfers before you move to the next stage of the application form.

Read our full terms and conditions here.


  • do not need to withdraw your money for the whole fixed term
  • want to know exactly how much interest you will earn
  • want an unlimited number of deposits for first 14 days
  • want to benefit from tax-free savings
  • want to make withdrawals during the fixed term
  • want to add more money to the account during the fixed term
  • if you already have already invested with us in the 2023/24 tax year. We are unable to open a new ISA account for you at this time. You will be able to open a new account in the next, 2024/25 tax year.

You cannot withdraw money from your fixed rate ISA bond before the end of the term.

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