Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB)

Managing accounts

We understand that any of these situations can make managing your finances difficult, or even impossible and can be stressful for everyone concerned. That is why our specialist teams are as flexible and sympathetic as possible when dealing with requests to open and manage accounts on a third party basis.

We can open and operate third party accounts under the legal arrangements set out below and will consider requests to open different accounts of this type.

To apply you will need to complete our third party account application form and send it to us by post. These accounts cannot be opened or managed online.

Court Of Protection Order

We will open accounts under a Court of Protection Order (CPO). To do this we will need to see the original sealed and embossed court order appointing the Deputy, or a copy of the court order certified on the front page with each subsequent page initialled by the certifier.

Under a Court of Protection Order a deputy is appointed to make decisions on behalf of someone who lacks mental capacity to make decisions themselves. This might be because they have had a serious brain injury or illness, have dementia or have severe learning disabilities.

There are two types of deputy: one to make decisions about property and financial affairs and one to make decisions about personal welfare. A deputy can either or both of these roles.

For savings guidance contact HTB’s personal savings team on 020 7862 6222 or email us.

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