Focus, where it matters.

The specialist bank

Focus, where it matters. - Hampshire Trust Bank

Cutting complexity out of specialist mortgages

The specialist bank
focussed on specialist mortgages

Cutting complexity out of specialist mortgages - Hampshire Trust Bank

Longer-term benefits for savers

The specialist bank
focussed on personal savings

Longer-term benefits for savers - Hampshire Trust Bank

The specialist bank

We serve a small number of carefully chosen markets. Through a cycle of research and continuous improvement, coupled with expert people who are leaders in their fields, we maintain a profound understanding of these markets.

This intense focus enables us to exceed our customers expectations, underpinning our bold vision of being the go-to bank in our chosen markets.

We call this excellence through specialism.

So what really makes us so different?

We are specialists in the markets we serve, tailoring solutions to meet your needs.
We will take the time to build a mutually valuable long-term relationship with you, based on trust.
We strive to deliver what you want, when you want it, how you want it.